Finding Owls

Owls are ridiculously difficult to see in the wild. I once read a photographer laid in the snow for 40 + hours to get a shot of a Great Horned Owl snatch a rabbit in some tundra.

Nocturnal + Camouflage = No Owls for You.

Except when you have a sign like this ….

I spent the next 20 minutes gazing upwards toward the tree line…..

peek a boo, i see you.

I felt so giddy, like the first time I tore open a Pokemon Card booster pack and got a holographic Charizard, both events involved me grinning like a fool and looking left and right for someone to share my excitement with. (I usually settle for some typical Jeff tribal dance gestures until I realize someone might catch me in my absurdity).

You must understand, you just DON’T see owls in the wild.

I’m going to miss you, Berkeley. Owls and all.


(Check out news about this owl here)

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